As the night descends,

Against the starless shoreline,

I stand on the threshold

Of numerous probabilities.
One after the other,

Infinite waves break at my feet,

And i am scared ,

For the wait seems eternal.
Time stands still

And memories hit hard,

Shimmering against the backdrop

Of overcasting clouds.
The aches of solitude,

Turmoil my soul and

You seem elusive

In the vastness of the world.
But, all over again,battling through my beffudling thoughts,

Discarding my insecurities,

I wait,again,

For the perpetuality of my love.


To new beginnings

I bleed red and blue. I bleed the colours of my emotions and my passion. And that is why I write.

I write not to escape but to understand. To understand the intricacies of the entanglements in the world. To bust myths. To survive chaos. To vent out my emotions. And most importantly, to find myself and become a better version of myself.

Hence, here i am, the average and nerdy just-into-college teenager with my blog to pen down my thoughts, that you might just relate to or simply enjoy reading or disagree with( I am very sportive about criticism). So, do leave yourvery welcome and helpful comments :’)

And let’s veer into yet another game of words and emotions. Happy reading!