Shooting Stars

Ascending above the citylights

And the evanescent glow of fireflies,

She takes off on the flight of novice dreams,

Delving into the dark night.

Merging into the skyline ,

Above the blur of races below

And theĀ  teeming vacuous voices,

That rise above the immodest cries of desire and need.

Awaiting a promising meteorite shower,

Amidst the undoubting solitude from the chaos within,

The warmth of her dreams

Defy the unforgiving cold winds.

Stars align into constellations

As she holds onto the darkness with fondness.

And hope springs around the contours,

Like the looming clouds against the crescent moon.

Falling stars catches the crowd in a frenzy,

As she awaits her luck.

Yet the stars shimmer,

MockingĀ  the audacity of her patient linger.

The night greys,

The crowd flickers

As the stars fade

And she catharsises in the zephyr.

Rising into a new day,

Retrieving her stardust,

She decides to burn brighter than the shooting stars,

For dreams are stronger than gravity.


Telltale – Winter

Obscured by the veil of smoky ,grey clouds, the sun looms in the horizon. The cold winds rage, nudging past my kurti, bringing back a wave of emotions and leaving me with the chills of nostalgia as i cling on to the same old warm sweatshirt.

No wonder, you can never be indifferent towards Winter. The winter of long evening walks and badminton matches, of Christmas cheer, of sitting under the sun with siblings, of annual functions and school picnics, of coffee and spilled milkshakes, of chance meetings, of the first date.

And the good news on score is every winter has in store a different, exciting story , saving our grace from the doldrums of an otherwise cold life.

And as the sun fades leaving behind the specks of dusk and a few flickering, yet faint stars, i don’t know my winter story. Yet the anticipation and excitement builds up within almost instinctively, almost as reassuring as warm handshakes, silent conversations and steaming mugs of coffee. And this makes me long to get back to home to the familiar laughter and chirpy voices, to old lanes and to my new story, because that is where it is and i belong there. 


Across its magical vistas

emanating the appeal of chronicles of yore,

My spell bound heart 

Leaps and rejoices its new found love.
The stars beam,

the moon glows back my blush

which overwhelms me and

in the mudpool of untamed emotions, I am flushed.
In my flights of fantasy

I wish, maybe someday,

To travel into the pathless woods

And your mystical thoughts.
Beyond my realms of imagination,

I long,maybe someday,

To feast to our heart’s delight

Along the lonely shore.
Under the incandescence of the sunset sky,

I hope, maybe someday,

To listen with you to the deep sea

And dance to the music in its roar.
And through the passage of our vivid dreams,

I yearn to live the maybes

And chase our good times together,

Along the tides of our eternal love.

Lights And Shadows

Beneath the vastness of the  sky

And the wandering silhoutte of willows,

I lie on the velvet meadows

Musing to the whispering rantings of my mind.
With a potpourri of broken dreams

And a fading fire,

My life squats into dope depths

And i gaze into the emptiness looming above.

Dawn breaks through 

As i fathom the fading stars into constellations

And yet again,

The lights and shadows baffle me.
The creaking shadows, overwhelming lights

Idle along the edges

And i blur into oblivion,

Ambling through dusty dreams.

A Fresh Breath Of Life

No whereins, no wheareabouts,

And i dwell in the fringes of a distant reality.

Baffled by the lights and shadows,

I move on a bare infinity.
The still streams, the silent valleys

Outrage my turmoiling voices.

And the scanty vestiges of the winter sun hide

behind the overcasting clouds.
The blossoms drop and the music stops.

I walk into the foggy and bleak lanes

that choke my thoughts

And i feel trapped in a lonely and resigned maze of life.

In the midst of the cold and indifferent winter

And the storms fluxing in my mind,

I feel a fresh breath of life.
My heart races, 

Unfazed by uncertain hopelessness,

Ignorant of the ravages of time,

And i seek my respite in a whirlpool of your thoughts.


As the night descends,

Against the starless shoreline,

I stand on the threshold

Of numerous probabilities.
One after the other,

Infinite waves break at my feet,

And i am scared ,

For the wait seems eternal.
Time stands still

And memories hit hard,

Shimmering against the backdrop

Of overcasting clouds.
The aches of solitude,

Turmoil my soul and

You seem elusive

In the vastness of the world.
But, all over again,battling through my beffudling thoughts,

Discarding my insecurities,

I wait,again,

For the perpetuality of my love.

To new beginnings

I bleed red and blue. I bleed the colours of my emotions and my passion. And that is why I write.

I write not to escape but to understand. To understand the intricacies of the entanglements in the world. To bust myths. To survive chaos. To vent out my emotions. And most importantly, to find myself and become a better version of myself.

Hence, here i am, the average and nerdy just-into-college teenager with my blog to pen down my thoughts, that you might just relate to or simply enjoy reading or disagree with( I am very sportive about criticism). So, do leave yourvery welcome and helpful comments :’)

And let’s veer into yet another game of words and emotions. Happy reading!